January App of the Month

Monday, January 6, 2014

By Rosetta Stone LTD
Updated: November 19, 2013
Version: 1.0.2

Open Rosetta Stone Kids and you are immediately greeted by an adorable animated “lingo” holding a bubble.  To the lower right is a sign for the Parents Corner where parents can provide an e-mail address and get additional information about their child’s progress.  There are two games that make up this app, Bubble Letter Sounds and Spanish Speak and Learn. Bubble Letter Sounds requires the user to match letter filled bubbles with the toy that begins with that letter.  Spanish Speak and Learn uses voice-recognition software that encourages kids to practice speaking Spanish words as the lingos follow their directions.  Of the two games Spanish Speak and Learn is the more innovative.  The voice-recognition aspect really takes interaction to the next level.  Finally the app has a section labeled Toy Shelf where kids can view the toys whose first letters have been identified.  This is probably beyond the interest of a two or three year old, but slightly older users will enjoy tracking their progress with the Toy Shelf.  There are better English reading apps out there (like Endless Alphabet and Endless Reader) but the Spanish portion of the app is a great introduction to learning a new language and makes it a worthy download! This app is best for children ages 2-6.  (Reviewed by Alia)

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