Grief (Loss of a Person)

Dealing with the Loss/Death of a Person

P CAR      You Hold Me and I’ll hold You by Jo Carson

When a great-aunt dies, a young child finds comfort in being held and in holding, too.

P FRI      Is Grandpa Wearing a Suit? by Amelie Fried

After his beloved grandfather dies, a young boy feels confused and sad as he struggles to understand the meaning of death.

P LON    Stones for Grandpa by  Renee Londner

A little boy and his family gather at the cemetary for the unveiling of his grandfather's gravestone.  Ater a year of missing Grandpa, the family shares stories and memories and places stones at the gravesite, as is the Jewish custom. 

J SIL      Milo: Sticky Notes and Brain Freeze by Alan Silberberg

In love with the girl he sneezed on the first day of school and best pals with Marshall, the "One-Eyed Jack" of friends, seventh-grader Milo Cruikshank misses his mother whose death has changed everything at home.

E 155.9 BRO      When Dinosaurs Die: a Guide to Understanding Death by Lauren Krasny Brown

Explains in simple language the feelings people may have regarding the death of a loved one and the ways to honor the memory of someone who has died.

E 155.9 ZAL      Pearl’s Marigolds for Grandpa by Jane Breskin Zalben

A young girl copes with the death of her grandfather by remembering all the things she loved about him. Includes information about funeral customs of various religions.

J 128.5 JOH      Let's Talk about Going to a Funeral by Marianne Johnston

Gives an overview of what a funeral is, why our culture holds them, and what might happen at one.

J 155.9 BAH      If Nathan Were Here by Mary Bahr

A young boy grieves the loss of his best friend and thinks about how things would be if he were still alive

J 155.9 BAR      Where is Grandpa? By T. A. Barron

As his family reminisces after his beloved grandfather's death, a boy realizes that his grandfather is still with him in all the special places they shared.

J 155.9 BRE When I Die, will I Get Better? by Joeri Breebaart

A six-year-old boy tries to come to terms with the death of his younger brother by creating a story about rabbit brothers that closely parallels his own experiences.

J 155.9 BUS The Fall of Freddie the Leaf : a Story of Life for all Ages by Leo Buscaglia

As Freddie experiences the changing seasons along with his companion leaves, he learns about the delicate balance between life and death.

J 155.9 COH      I had a Friend Named Peter: Talking to Children about the Death of a Friend
by Janice Cohn

When Betsy learns about the death of a friend, her parents and kindergarten teacher answer questions about dying, funerals, and the burial process.

J 155.9 DEN      Our Dad Died: the True Story of Three Kids Whose Lives Changed by Amy Dennison

Three children, ages eight (twins) and four, describe how their lives changed when their father died suddenly two years earlier and offer practical advice for overcoming loss and moving on with life.

J 155.9 DIG      Straight Talk About Death and Dying by Robert DiGiulio

A straightforward, user-friendly approach to a difficult issue. The authors effectively utilize three fictionalized situations in which adolescents deal with death, grief, and mourning. These continuing scenarios serve as introductions to each chapter and act as guides through the bereavement process.

J 155.9 HAZ      Why Did Grandpa Die? : A Book About Death by Barbara Shook Hazen

Molly and her grandfather are very close and spend a lot of time together. He suddenly becomes ill and soon dies. Molly has trouble understanding that her Grandpa won’t be back and has to learn to accept that even though she misses him terribly he won’t be coming back.

J 155.9 HEE      Coping with Death & Grief by Marge Eaton Heegaard

Discusses death as a natural occurrence, what happens when someone dies, and how to deal with feelings of loss and grief.

J 155.9 MEL      Lifetimes: a Beautiful Way to Explain Death to Children by Bryan Mellonie

Lifetimes is a moving book for children of all ages, even parents too. It lets us explain life and death in a sensitive, caring, beautiful way. Lifetimes tells us about beginnings, endings and about living in between. The book explains about lifecycles of plants, animals and about people. It tells that dying is as much a part of living as being born. It helps us to remember. It helps us to understand.

J 155.9 NAP      Flamingo Dream by Donna Jo Napoli

Grieving over her father's death from cancer, a young girl celebrates their last year together by making a book that includes mementos and a story.

J 155.9 PUT      A Story for Hippo : a Book about Loss by Simon Puttock

Hippo and Monkey are best, best, best friends and when the wise old Hippo dies, Monkey is very sad until Chameleon helps him remember the stories he and Hippo shared.

J 155.9 WEI      Let's Talk about When a Parent Dies by Elizabeth Weitzman

Provides advice on surviving the death of a parent and suggests what feelings and behavior to expect from others.

J 155.937 BAE      Samantha Rose by Ruth Baer

After the death of the author’s granddaughter she writes this book about the grieving process in hopes that it will help children and families deal with the devastating loss of a loved one. Samantha Rose, the sensitive, touching tale of how a brother remembers and loves his little sister has brought comfort to Ruth and her family.

J 155.937 GID      Coping with Grieving and Loss by Sandra Giddens

Explains the stages of grieving and how to cope with loss and death, including where to go for help.

J 155.937 GOL      Children also Grieve : Talking about Death and Healing by Linda Goldman

Children Also Grieve is an imaginative resource, fully illustrated with color photographs, that offers support and reassurance to children coming to terms with the loss of a close friend or relative and to adults who are supporting them through their bereavement.

J 155.937 GRO      Talking about Death: a Dialogue Between Parent and Child by Earl Grollman

Why do people die? How do you explain the loss of a loved one to a child? This book is a compassionate guide for adults and children to read together, featuring a read-along story and answers to questions children ask about death.

J 248.86 GEL      Lost & Found : a Kid's Book for Living Through Loss by Marc Gellman

Describes different kinds of losses--losing possessions, competitions, health, trust, and the permanent loss because of death--and discusses how to handle these situations.

J 296.44 TEC      A Candle for Grandpa: a Guide to the Jewish Funeral for Children and Parents
by David Techner

A young boy describes the events surrounding the death of his grandfather including his and his family's feelings of grief and the Jewish funeral service that they participate in. Also includes answers to frequently asked questions regarding death and funerals.

YA 155.937 VIN      Grief Girl: My True Story by Erin Vincent

Imagine that you're going through one of the hardest parts of your life—being a teenager—when your parents are killed in a horrific car crash. Now you, your 17-year-old sister, and your three-year-old brother are on your own. Imagine what that would be like.
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