Guest Review: Andy Shane is NOT in Love

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Andy Shane is NOT in Love by Jennifer Richard Jacobson
Andy Shane is NOT in Love is an interesting book about what happens when a new girl named Lark Alice Bell moves to town. As Andy gets to know the new girl, they become really good friends. Then Dolores sees Andy write L.A.B. inside a big heart and she thinks Andy loves Lark Alice Bell. Whenever Andy and Lark are playing (like in the snow), Dolores tries to interfere. Dolores feels like Lark is more important than her and she is pretty sure that Andy Shane loves Lark Alice. But does he? Andy Shane is in love…but with who?

Jennifer Richard Jacobson wrote other books for children such as Andy Shane and the Pumpkin Trick, and Andy Shane and The Queen of Egypt, and more. Jennifer Richard Jacobson now lives in Maine. (Easy Reader)
Guest Reviewer: Lauren
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