Book Buzz August, 2014

Friday, August 1, 2014

Dreamer Wisher Liar by Charise Mericle Harper
This is a great book about summer vacation, friendship, and magic. This emotive book follows Ash, a girl with prosopagnosia (face blindness), as she deals with a summer of changes and new people (neither of which she is fond of at all). What changes, you ask? Her best friend Lucy (who often assists Ash with recognizing faces) is moving away and a strange young girl, Claire, is staying with Ash’s family for the first 3 weeks of summer. But something special is brewing in the basement: Ash finds a jar filled with wishes written on paper, and each time she removes one she’s transported to an alternate place where she watches the struggles and triumphs of a friendship between two other girls. Readers will enjoy putting together the pieces of this sweet story.  Cassie (J Fiction)

Half A Chance by Cynthia Lord
Lucy has just moved to a new house on a lake in New Hampshire.  She is very nervous about meeting people and making friends. Almost as soon as she arrives, she meets the neighbors Nate and Emily. She and Nate quickly become great friends.  Lucy’s dad is a famous photographer and he is gone for most of the summer and she really misses him when he travels. Lucy also loves photography and she and Nate spend part of their summer taking photographs for a contest her dad is judging.  The hard part is, she takes a very moving photo of Nate’s grandmother, but it makes him sad and he doesn’t want her to use the image. Should she use the photo in the contest or not? Kristin (J Fiction)

Nancy Clancy: Secret of the Silver Key 
by Jane O’Connor
Bree and Nancy are at it again.  Nancy and her family go to an estate sale on the hunt for a new desk for Nancy.  When they find one and bring it home, Nancy discovers that in a secret drawer is a key. She and Bree cannot figure out what the key unlocks.  The girls put on their detective hats and try to track down the desk’s original owner.  The key leads the girls into an even bigger mystery with a pretty great surprise at the end.  Fancy Nancy fans will not be disappointed! Jacquie (J Fiction)

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