Raising A Reader

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Read this article about steps you can take to help develop your young child as a reader. It is written by Michael Sullivan, a Family Literacy Specialist at the Tulsa City-County Library.

Parents today can feel a lot of pressure when it comes to reading. They know that children need to read well to succeed in school, thrive in a workforce changing so fast that all workers need to be learners, and to get the most out of their lives. Parents also know that their children will be tested early and often on reading skills. That has many parents wondering how to teach their children to read. But that isn’t really the question. Learning to read is actually a one-time process most kids accomplish in just a few years in school. But learning to read doesn’t do any good if the child doesn’t put that skill to use. The better question is, what can I do now to ensure my child will be a better reader later? (read more here...)
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