November's App of the Month

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dinosaurs: The American Museum of Natural History Collection
By The American Museum of Natural History
Updated : May 09, 2011
Version 1.4
Dinosaurs is a wonderful app for young dino enthusiasts brought to you by The American Museum of Natural History.  Kids can learn all sorts of interesting trivia about dinosaurs and browse a huge mosaic of dino-related photos. In the stories section users can read about the science and personalities behind the Museum’s fossil collection. It’s a bit like holding the museum exhibit in your hand and you could actually use the app as a guide if you were lucky enough to visit the museum in person. It should be noted that the language is also museum-level, so it may go over the head of younger children. But even the very youngest will get a thrill out of the picture of these giant lizards.  Best for ages 4 and up.  (Reviewed by Alia)
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