Book Buzz July, 2013

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Doll Bones by Holly Black
Ever since they were little, Zach, Poppy, and Alice have played together, creating a complex world with G.I Joes and mermaid dolls and an ever evolving story-line. A world ruled by the Great Queen, the bone-china doll imprisoned in Poppy's mother's display cabinet. But when Zach's dad throws away all of Zach's toys, he quits the game. In a last ditch attempt to keep playing, Poppy breaks the Great Queen out of her prison, declaring that the doll holds the remains of a ghost girl who will not rest until she is properly buried. So the three friends set off together one last time to lay the Queen to rest. Zach and Alice aren't sure if the ghost is real or if Poppy is lying to keep them together but one thing is for sure, ghost or not, their journey will change them all forever. Highly recommended for fans of Coraline! A great book about growing up with a lot of creepiness thrown in for good measure. Alia (J Fiction)

Hold Fast by Blue Balliett
Early Pearl and her family (her mom- Sum, her dad- Dash and her brother- Jubie) live in Chicago and love to read books, especially poems. Her father works at the Chicago Public Library and also sells rare books on the side, until one day he goes missing.  Things quickly go downhill for the Pearl family: Sum, Early and Jubie end up living in a shelter while trying to figure out what happened to Dash. Early is determined to find out where her father is and what happened to him, knowing he would never just leave them.  By doing her own investigative work she works around the clock to try and find her father all while living in a shelter. Lindsey (J Fiction)

Bink and Gollie Best Friends Forever by Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee
The two best friends are back and as always, fun times are in store.  In this three short-story book, Bink and Gollie learn all sorts of great lessons.  Bink learns the hard way that being queen is not always the best.  Gollie learns that even though she is short, she is perfect the way she is. And together, Bink and Gollie learn that they do not need to be in the record books to be special.  Three great stories, with three great messages!  Another great Bink and Gollie book! Jacquie  (J Fiction)

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