Book Buzz, April 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Small As An Elephant
by Jennifer Richard Jacobson
Jack Martel wakes up the first morning of his camping trip with his mother in Maine to find she is gone! At first he thinks she has just gone to get food, but as the day goes by, there is still no sign of her. He does his best, exploring and keeping busy, expecting she will be back soon. She doesn’t come back. So he tries to find her without letting anyone know he is alone. He makes his way south toward his home in Boston, so when she does come back he will be there for her. She has done this before, but never when he can’t get home. He knows he will have to ask for help, but he is afraid of being taken away from his mother. What will Jack do?  
Kristin (J Fiction)

Bad Kitty For President by Nick Bruel
That wild and crazy cat is back, and this time he is out to win. Kitty learns that the Neighborhood Cat Club is in need of a President. How hard can that be? Well, with Bad Kitty, it is never easy! In this silly tale, we learn all about what steps you need to take to win an election. From a primary, to endorsements, to campaigning, and media, we follow our dear friend Kitty down to election night. Will Bad Kitty have what it takes to be the president? You must read this Nick Bruel book to find out.  Jacquie (J Fiction)

Eight Keys by Suzanne Lafleur
Elise is excited to start middle school, but soon realizes that her best pal, Franklin, is a liability. In addition to being teased by a bully for babyish ‘playing’ with Franklin, Elise is struggling with newfound responsibility and falling impossibly behind on her school work. Just when she thinks things can’t get any worse, she finds a key that unlocks one of eight locked rooms in her aunt and uncle’s barn. The puzzle of the rooms seems to have been left by her father, who lost a battle with cancer when Elise was three. This is a great realistic fiction read about friendship, family, and deciding who you want to be. Meghan (J Fiction)

The One and Only Stuey Lewis
by Jane Schoenberg
Meet Stuey Lewis, second grader extraordinaire! This school year may bring many challenges but Stuey doesn’t give up! Whether it’s learning to read, dealing with trick-or-treating restrictions, or putting up with the most annoying girl on the planet, Stuey keeps trying to make it work! You’ll want to read all about Stuey and his friends (and that annoying girl too!) This funny collection makes a great beginning chapter book. Alia (J Fiction)
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