Where Does The Dinosaur Money Go?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dear Readers,

Have you seen this dinosaur next to the YS desk? Ever wondered where all the money in the dinosaur goes?

When the dino's belly fills up, the coins get deposited into our Youth Services Programming Fund.  This money goes toward program material and equipment purchases. If you visit the Youth Services floor, you will see the results of your donations.  (Take a look around the children's area if you haven't visited us lately. We just "redecorated" with new posters!)

The proceeds from the dino purchase:
  • our much loved tiger head phones
  • the free bookmarks at the YS desk
  • program craft materials
  • posters for the YS area
So thank you for your contributions!

Looking for other ways to support our programs? We are collecting shoeboxes and cardboard tubes for upcoming programs.  You can bring any donations to the YS desk. 

Thanks again for all your support,
    The Youth Services Staff
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