We Need Your Voice!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Library users, we need your help. Gov. Christie's budget calls for an unprecedented 74% decrease in funding for statewide library services. This cut includes the elimination of all statewide library programs and services. 

There is also an attack on libraries from members of your legislature. Proposed legislation A2555 will ELIMINATE minimum funding for libraries and will result in fewer books, fewer hours and fewer services and will cause some libraries to close. Local library funding targeted in A2555 typically represents less than 3% of local property taxes.  We need your voice.  Please tell your legislators to OPPOSE A2555, and support funding for municipal libraries as a dedicated tax. County Libraries and Open Space are currently funded with dedicated taxes.

Save My NJ Library is an online resource with up to the minute information about library funding and what you can do to help SAVE YOUR LIBRARY! With just one click of your mouse you can contact legislators and become a library champion!

Too young to vote? We still would love for you to contact your legislators but there is plenty more that you can do to help.
  • Come into the library and participate in our postcard campaign.

  • Write a letter about what our library means to you and send it to the newspaper.

  • Talk to your friends. You can help spread the word by asking your friends to become library champions too! Try challenging yourself to talk to five people a day about the library and ask them to spread the word.

  • Use our resources, attend our programs, and bring your friends. The more you use the library, the more community leaders will see how important our services are. 
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