October's App of the Month

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Super Stretch Yoga
by The Adventures of Super Stretch, LLC
Updated: April 20, 2012
Version 1.2

Super Stretch Yoga is a fun, how-to yoga app that teaches kids basic yoga poses through a series of instructional videos.  There’s a cute cartoon introduction to each pose and then a child demonstrates the pose.  The instructions are very simple, making it easy for even a very young child to copy them.  It also allows users to choose which pose they want to practice. Kids will definitely enjoy moving along to the videos.  However, the app itself is not particularly interactive. Watching the videos is the only way for children to use the app. There are no games or incentives for practicing the pose. Overall, Super Stretch is a solid beginning for youngsters who are interested in yoga, though once they get the hang of it they may want something with more substance.  But for the price tag, why not try it! (Reviewed by Alia)

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