Book Buzz, December 2012

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Spindlers by Lauren Oliver
One morning Liza’s little brother Patrick wakes up changed.  The light behind his eyes has been snuffed out and he is no longer her grubby, pancake loving brother.  The grown-ups don’t notice anything wrong, of course.  But Liza knows what’s happened.  The spindlers, spider-like creatures who steal children’s souls, have gotten Patrick. She tries to tell her parents but they just accuse her of making up stories.  So, Liza sets out on her own to save her brother. With only a broom for protection she travels Below to challenge the Spindler Queen.  Will she be able to save her brother or will she lose her own soul to the spindlers? Alia (J Fiction)

The Secret Cellar by Michael D. Beil
Those Red Blazer Girls are at it again.  Not a month goes by without them finding themselves in the middle of a great mystery.  When Sophie goes to an auction to bid on a pen for a Christmas present, she has no way of knowing that was going to open up a HUGE mystery for the RBG to solve.  Mystery, theft, deceit, intrigue…they’re all here in this fourth book in the Red Blazer Girl Series.  Jacquie (J Fiction)
Bomb is a non-fiction account that reads like a fast-paced thriller. Right away, you are plunged into the action as a man runs around his house destroying as much evidence as possible before FBI agents arrive at his door. As you soon find out, this man is only a small player in the United States’ quest to build the first atomic bomb and the Soviets’ quest to steal information, but every player matters. The book, written in narrative style, moves from the desert of Los Alamos to the mountains of Norway and many places in between, telling this gripping tale of science, deception, and power. Meghan (J Non-Fiction)

by Jane Schoenberg
In this sequel to The One and Only Stuey Lewis, third-grader Stuey is ready for anything.  Each chapter is a short story involving Stuey, his brother Anthony and his classmates over the course of his year in third-grade.  Firsts, he hatches a plan to help his class visit space with the help of his dad. Next, Anthony and Stuey take their first airplane ride to visit their father in Georgia, and there are a few bumps along the way.  To celebrate Mother’s Day the boys work hard to find a perfect way to treat their mother, on a limited budget.  Lastly, Stuey’s class has a pet show, which is a challenge since Stuey is the only kid without a pet.  Kristin (J Fiction)

Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein
Racing in the Rain is the perfect book for any dog or animal lover. Told from the family dog Enzo's point of view, this story is about Denny, a racecar driver, his wife Eve and their daughter Zoe. After Eve gets sick, Enzo and Denny use what they have learned from countless hours watching car races and driving around the track to bring their family back together. This story is about the strength of family and the friendship between a man and his dog.  Lindsey (J Fiction)

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