Book Buzz August, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Popularity Papers: The Rocky Road Trip of Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang  by Amy Ignatow
What’s more fun than reading about two great friends Lydia and Julie?  Going on a road trip with Julie, Lydia, and Julie’s two Dads!  When Julie’s grandparents need help moving, Julie invites Lydia along to help. In this scrapbook style book, we learn all sorts of fun facts about America and also the words to “American Pie”!  Amy Ignatow delivers a fun summer road trip book that delivers lots of laughs with a few life lessons sprinkled in.  Jacquie (J Fiction)

The Humming Room by Ellen Potter
In the opening pages of this book, Roo Fanshaw is hiding under the trailer that used to be her home.  She is immediately taken to live with an uncle she didn’t know she had.  She is travels by train and boat, finally arriving at a huge stone building on an island in New York State.  She briefly meets her uncle and his assistants, Ms. Valentine and Violet, who mostly leave Roo to herself.  She soon starts exploring the island and the house and Roo quickly begins to uncover many different things hidden on this strange island.  Kristin (J Fiction)

One for the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt
Carley Connors has not had an easy life. In fact, this book starts off with her being taken to a foster home after she and her mother have been abused by her step-father for the last time. Living with the Murphys is not an easy transition for Carley- they are too nice! Throughout the book Carley has to adjust to living with three brothers, going to a new school, making new friends and learning how to accept the kindness of Mrs. Murphy. Just when the Murphys starts to feel like home, she has to make an incredible decision regarding her future. You will be rooting for Carley throughout this entire book and won't forget her anytime soon! 
Lindsey (J Hunt)

R My Name is Rachel by Patricia Reilly Giff
Rachel and her two siblings, Joey and Cassie, are in for a major adjustment when they move from their New York City apartment to a rural farm with their father. Rachel, a dreamer and bookworm, is terribly disappointed that the local school has been closed because of the Depression, and all three kids get tired of eating the endless potatoes their father receives as compensation for his small grocery job. When he is forced to leave town for work, the three siblings have to pull together (not an easy feat for Rachel and Cassie) to keep the farm running on their own. Will they be able to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads until their father returns? It won’t be easy.  Meghan (J Fiction)

Glory Be by Augusta Scattergood
Almost 12-year-old Gloriana Hemphill has always loved summer in Hanging Moss, Mississippi.   Summer means drinking sweet tea out of jelly jars, spending the day at the public pool, and of course her July 4th birthday, complete with fireworks.  The summer of 1964 brings change to Glory’s little town: there’s a new girl from the north hanging out at the library and there’s the talk about the public pool closing- not for repairs as claimed, but to prevent desegregation.  Glory’s family tells her not to worry about things she can’t change but Glory quickly realizes she can’t ignore the “hateful prejudice” in her town.  Will she have the courage to stand up for what she believes in? 
Alia (J Fiction)

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