Book Buzz June 2012

Thursday, May 31, 2012

It started off innocently enough.  Elsie and her cousin Frances painted paper fairies and took photographs of them "dancing" around Frances to make the grown-ups stop teasing. They never dreamed that their trick would spin so far out of control!  Their parents show other grown-ups the photos and once their pictures are seen outside the family, they bring a flood of interest from people who want to believe in fairies, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes.  The girls never wanted to lie, but how can you tell the truth when you’ve duped the whole world! Check out this fascinating true story.
Alia (J Non-Fiction)

by Jane O’Connor
In the first chapter book with one of our favorite characters Fancy Nancy, Jane O’Connor introduces us to a whole new Nancy.  Nancy is now all about being a detective.  She wishes that her boring town would be a bit more dramatic and wants a crime to solve.  Ask and you shall receive!  When a precious item goes missing in Nancy’s classroom, Nancy and Bree are ready to take the case.  Will they be able to figure out who is to blame? Jacquie (J Fiction)

Wonder by R.J. Palacio
August (Auggie to his friends) Pullman is the star of this book.  He is a very normal kid in all respects except he was born with several severe facial abnormalities that makes him look unlike people we see every day.  Auggie has an incredibly strong character and is a great kid. The book starts prior to his fifth grade year when he is starting school for the first time. He has been homeschooled by his mom and he will now attend a private middle school in Manhattan.  The book is told from several different characters’ perspectives and is a book about strength of character and friendship. It is a fabulous book! Kristin (J Fiction)

 As a photographer’s apprentice, Horace Carpetine is excited to learn the trade.  When his master, Middleditch, gets caught up in a photography hoax Horace is not so enthusiastic.  The duo has been hired to take portraits of a grieving mother who has recently lost her daughter and Middleditch is determined to use some trick photography to insert a ghostly image in the photos.  Thanks to a tip from a servant girl, Horace is beginning to suspect that this woman is not the grieving mother she is presenting herself as. When Horace (who does NOT believe in ghost) starts to see real ghosts in the portraits he gets really worried. He’s determined to find out what’s going on.
Meghan (J Fiction)

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