February 2012 Book Buzz

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Breaking Stalin’s Nose by Eugene Yelchin
Life in the Soviet Union beats any existence in a miserable capitalist country, at least according to Sasha. Sasha sees himself as a good communist and is eager to pledge his loyalty to his country and its leader, Stalin, as a Young Pioneer. When Sasha’s father is unexpectedly arrested, Sasha’s world starts to crumble and he begins to doubt all that he has known. This story is a wonderful exploration of a time and place in history rarely covered in children’s literature.  2012 Newbery Honor recipient. Meghan (J Fiction)

 Liar, Liar by Gary Paulsen
How much damage can a few little white lies do?  Well, if you ask Kevin, our main character in Liar, Liar, not a whole lot.  If you ask his friends, his family, and his teachers… a whole lot of damage! When Kevin wants to impress a girl, he starts to fib here and there, cuts class, lies to his family—and that is just the small stuff.  Will Kevin learn that lies are not a good thing, or will he continue with his fibbing? Jacquie (J Fiction)

May B. by Caroline Starr Rose
When 12 year old May is sent to help out on a neighbor's Kansas prairie homestead she misses her family – but Pa has promised she can come home at Christmas. Then homesick Mrs. Oblinger runs away and Mr. Oblinger goes after her.  Suddenly May finds herself alone, with winter fast approaching and food running scarce.  Will she be able to survive on her own?  Fans of the Little House series won’t want to miss this lovely book, written in verse. Alia (J Fiction)

The Luck of the Buttons by Anne Ylvisaker
In 1929, Tugs Button lives in a very small town where she gets into trouble occasionally and she doesn't always fit in with the other kids. She wants to be like the other girls, but is much more comfortable in overalls and playing with the boys. One day, a new man comes to town trying to get a newspaper started and Tugs is very curious about him. He is asking all the townspeople to donate money for buying a printing press.  Something just doesn’t seem right...  Kristin (J fiction)

Trouble-Maker by Andrew Clements
Clay is not your normal 6th grade boy.  He is a Trouble-Maker with a capital T.  His student file is two inches thick! And then, he gets himself in MORE trouble by drawing a picture of his principal as a donkey.  Clay wants to be in trouble, he wants to be sent to the principal.  But when his brother Mitchell steps in and makes Clay promise to change his ways, will Clay be able to keep his promise?  Another great realistic fiction book by Andrew Clements. Jacquie (J Fiction)

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