Book Buzz October 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Powerless by Matthew Cody
As Daniel adjusts to life in a new town, he notices something very odd about the kids his age. After befriending a few of the kids, he discovers that they actually have super powers! Eric and Molly can fly, Rose can make herself invisible, and Rowan has amazing hearing. However, when each kid turns thirteen, his or her powers disappear, along with the child’s memory of them. As a powerless kid, Daniel is in a unique position to help these Supers solve the mystery of their super powers and find a way to hold on to them.  This is a great mystery, packed with action! Meghan (J Fiction)

Bird in a Box by Andrea Davis Pinkney
This fabulous audio book is told from the perspective of three children—Hibernia, Willie and Otis, each with their own distinct voice.  The story is set in upstate New York when the two boys, due to unfortunate circumstances, meet at an orphanage and then meet Hibernia at a local church concert.  All the characters are tied together through the hope and promise of the fighter Joe Louis and what he means to the African American community.  They all listen to his fights on the radio and their dreams soar and fall with every punch thrown.  Kristin (J Fiction)

The Medusa Plot, The 39 Clues : Cahills vs. Vespers #1 by Gordan Korman
If you have read all of the other 39 clues, then proceed with this series with NO hesitation!!!  I really thought this series could not get better, but it continues to grow, change, and shock you!  Dan and Amy are on the run again when a few family members near and dear to them are kidnapped and held hostage.  In order to get the family members back, they must steal the famous Medusa painting from a secure museum in Italy.  If they do not follow these instructions, one of the hostages will be killed.  Will Dan, Amy, and the rest of the 5 branches of Cahills be able to come together to do what the dreaded Vespers want?
Jacquie (J Fiction)

Say Hello to Zorro! by Carter Goodrich
Mister Bud was a dog who had it good. He had his own bed, his own toys, his own dish, and his own schedule.  Until, one day, Zorro appears and messes up everything.  Will grumpy old Mister Bud and Zorro ever learn to coexist peacefully? This is a great picture book for kids learning to share or in anticipation of a new sibling! Alia (Picture Book)

The Summer Before Boys
by Nora Raleigh Baskin
When Julia’s mom is deployed to Iraq, Julia and her dad have to make the best of it for a whole year.  During the summer, Julia’s dad has to work, so Julia will be spending two whole months with her best friend (and niece…don’t ask).  Having a best friend is great.  Someone to do everything with!  Living near a summer resort, the two girls go on daily hikes to see what the resort has to offer.  There is swimming, hiking, tennis, and boys...  Will the two best friends be able to keep their friendship and not get on each other’s nerves?  Will a first crush ruin the summer?  Will Julia be able to get through her crush without her mom’s advice?  Read this fresh and fun book about growing up. Jacquie (J Fiction)

Bumble-Ardy by Maurice Sendak
A generation after Max and the Wild Things, get ready for a new book from picture book master, Maurice Sendak. Poor Bumble-Ardy, a pig who has never had a birthday party. That all changes when Bumble-Ardy throws a party for himself and invites all his friends, leading to a wild masquerade that quickly gets out of hand.
Alia (Picture Book)

Bumble-Ardy originally appeared in a Sesame Street animated short created by Sendak and his friend Jim Henson. You can see the short here:

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