Book Buzz August 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens
For years, Kate, Michael, and Emma have bounced from orphanage to orphanage, always sure that one day their parents would return for them. The discovery of an enchanted book at their latest “orphanage” pulls them into a magical world filled with vicious creatures, dwarfs and an evil countess. What is this book that allows them to travel through space and time and how can they keep it out of the hands of evil? This is a fantastical adventure (and the first of a projected trilogy) that will appeal to fans of the Harry Potter, Lightning Thief, and Artemis Fowl series.  I really enjoyed the audio version of this book, which is read by Jim Dale, award-winning narrator of the Harry Potter books. Meghan (J Fiction)

Milo: Sticky Notes and Brain Freeze by Alan Silberberg
Milo Cruikshank is in a funk and he has to start at a new school this year -this will be his 5th school! Luckily for Milo, he meets the love of his life (Summer) in science class and a best friend (Marshall) on the bus. While things are going well at school he still has to deal with his always quiet father and his moody older sister at home. Life at home has not been the same since his mom passed away last year, and while he is always thinking about her and the way things used to be, it seems as if he is the only one. With the help of his new friends he goes on a mission to get the two things he wants most: the girl and to bring back the memory of his mother. Lindsey (J Fiction)

The Brooklyn Nine:  A Novel In Nine Innings by Alan Gratz
This book is divided into nine innings, not chapters. Starting in 1845, in the first inning, meet Felix Schneider, a 10 year-old immigrant from Germany in New York that spends any spare time he has watching and playing baseball.  In each successive inning, meet the next generation of baseball lover in Felix’s family.  Along the way you will also meet famous people in baseball history that help bring the story to life.  The story ends in 2002, where it starts, in Brooklyn, with Snider Flint and how he unearths baseball treasures and tries to learn their place in history.  Kristin (J Fiction)

Clementine, Friend of the Week by Sara Pennypacker
Now what could be better than being picked to be “Friend of the Week”?  You get to be the first in line that whole week.  You get to be the classroom helper for that week.  Your friends have to write nice things about you in a book that you get to keep.  What could possibly go wrong with a week like that?  If you have read any of the other Clementine books, you know that anything that could possibly go wrong does.  This 4th addition to the Clementine series is by far my favorite.  I laughed out loud and cried.  What more could you ask for when reading a book?  Jacquie (J Fiction)

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