May 2011 Book Buzz

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Call (The Magnificent 12 Series) by Michael Grant
David MacAvoy (Mack to his friends) is our VERY unlikely hero. He has a long list of phobias and he gets picked on by the bullies at school. One day a 3,000 year old man, named Grimluk, shows up and tells Mack he is one of the Magnificent 12 (whatever that is). “They” send a replacement for Mack, so he won’t be missed, and he soon sets off on and adventure with his new best friend and protector Stefan, into the unknown to fight the Pale Queen and her daughter. This is the first book in a fun new adventure series. Kristin (J Fiction)

Porkelia A Pig’s Tale by Lindy Tucker
In the cute story of Porkelia: A Pig’s Tale, we meet a very strong willed pig who wants what she wants and is not going to let anything stop her from achieving it, even if her dream is to become the first Piggy Rockette! In this silly “tail” we follow a headstrong swine that beats the odds and goes from a country pig to a city pig. To make the story even better, all of her country friends get tickets to see her perform. With the support of her friends, this pig really lives up to her dreams. Not only is the story a cute one, but the illustrations, which are also done by Lindy Tucker, are soft and subtle, just like the main character!!! Jacquie (Picture books)

Pecan Pie Baby by Jacqueline Woodson
Pecan Pie Baby is a fantastic book for any family that is getting ready to welcome a new baby. Gia's Mama is having a new 'ding-dang baby' and Gia is tired of hearing about it! Everyone who comes to their house, all her classmates and even her grandma can not stop talking about the new baby that will arrive around the time of the first snow. The only positive thing that Gia can find about this baby is that her Mama can't stop eating pecan pie, which Gia always gets to share with her. Gia can't stop thinking about all the great times her and her Mama have had together and finally Gia can't take it anymore. After Gia's tantrum, her and her mom have a talk (while eating pecan pie of course) which helps Gia realize that even though her life will change she will still have her Mama. Lindsey (Picture book)

I Feel Better with a Frog in My Throat: History’s Strangest Cures by Carlyn Beccia
Today when you get a sore throat, you may end up with some yucky-tasting medicine. In Medieval Europe, your mom might have insisted on putting a frog down your throat or an earthworm necklace around your neck. Did these cures work? Some of them might have (frog slime is sometimes used in today’s antibiotics), but most did not. This book explores the bizarre antidotes used by various groups of people before the advent of modern medicine. For each sickness, you are presented with “cures” used in times past and are encouraged to guess which might have actually worked. You may be surprised by some of the answers! Meghan (JNF 615.88)
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