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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today is International Moment of Laughter Day, the perfect day to highlight humorous picture books.  If you are looking for picture books that make great read-alouds, whether it's for a class visit or a bedtime story, you won't want to miss these books! They'll have you laughing out loud at any age!

Shark vs. Train by Chris Barton
It's a battle between toys as Shark faces off against Train. Who will win? Well, that depends on what the contest is!

A Pig Parade is a Terrible Idea by Michael Ian Black
Why is a pig parade a terrible idea? Oh there are so many reasons and you will find them all out when you read  this hilarious book!

Children Make Terrible Pets  by Peter Brown
A bear finds out children really do make terrible pets after she tries to adopt the small human she finds in the woods. 

Bark George by Jules Feiffer
George is one mixed up dog.  He keeps making the wrong sounds. Can the vet ever get to the root of the problem? This is a good funny read for toddlers.

Always Lots of Heinies at the Zoo by Ayun Halliday
Ayun Halliday and illustrator Dan Santat celebrate the varieties of heinies found at the zoo. Good for a laugh and some new vocabulary words!

Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude by Kevin O'Malley
A boy and girl have to create a story for class. The girl starts first, with a story about a princess and her eight ponies but soon a cool muscle dude comes riding in on his motorcycle.  Even if these two never agree, the story is bound to make everyone laugh.
Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein
Poor Papa Rooster! The Little Red Chicken cannot help but interrupt Papa when he reads a bedtime story each night. Will he ever get to finish a story?

Falling for Rapunzel by Leah Wilcox
This is a hilarious twist on the classic tale.  When the prince sees Rapunzel crying he immediately calls to her to throw down her hair. Too bad she's too far away to hear him clearly. Instead she throws down her underwear. Silliness ensues!
We Are In a Book by Mo Willems
Really, almost all of Mo Willems books are laughter inducing.  In this easy-reader Elephant and Piggy discover that they are indeed inside a book and decide to have a little fun with the reader.
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