December 2010 Book Buzz

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's the end of 2010 and here's what the staff's been reading...

Touch Blue by Cynthia Lord
Set on a small island off the coast of Maine, 11 year-old Tess and her family welcome a new child to the family. Their island has its own school, but several families have moved away and the state wants to close the school. To keep their school open, several families take in foster children. The Brooks family is very excited to meet Aaron a 14 year-old boy. Tess is very superstitious (about everything) and sets about making friends with Aaron. He is not as warm and friendly as she had hoped, but her parents warn her it will take time. This was a wonderful book about finding out where and how you fit in. Kristin (J Fiction)

The Kneebone Boy by Ellen Potter
When their father leaves on a business trip (their mother disappeared years ago), the Hardscrabble siblings set off on what turns out to be quite an adventure. After a misunderstanding leaves them with nowhere to sleep, they make their way to the seaside village Snoring-by-the-Sea, which is definitely not a snore! Otto, Lucia, and Max stay with their strange American aunt in a small play castle filled with illusions and secret passageways. Their castle sits in the shadow of the huge Kneebone castle.  The siblings don’t know what to make of the story of the Kneebone boy, said to be an animal-like first born son being held captive in the castle. This is an excellent book that juggles two mysteries- what happened to the Hardscrabble’s mother and what is the truth behind the Kneebone boy? Enjoy this quirky, slightly dark read, and be glad it’s not as dismal as Lemony Snicket! Meghan (J Fiction)

Art and Max by David Wiesner
Art is a horned lizard and an accomplished painter. One day while painting in the desert he meets up with his friend Max, an enthusiastic novice. Max can’t wait to start painting. When he asks what he should paint, Art suggests himself. Unfortunately, Max takes this advice literally and splashes bright colors all over Art's body. Suddenly Art has become a work of art! The two lizards end up going through various artistic media as they try to restore art to his original body. Can Max save the day? This is a humorous story with gorgeous illustrations. A Caldecott contender for sure! Alia (Picture Book) 

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