August Book Buzz

Monday, August 9, 2010

Scumble by Ingrid Law
If you are a fan of Law’s Savvy, you’ll definitely want to pick up this sequel when it is released this month. At the start of Scumble we meet Mibb’s cousin, Ledger Kale, a few days before his thirteenth birthday. He’s hoping for a speedy savvy that will help him win a few races and is understandably upset when his savvy finally reveals itself in a quite destructive fashion. Now Ledger has the summer at Uncle Autry’s ranch to master “scumbling” his new power and stop local girl, Sarah Jane Cabot, from exposing the family’s savvy secrets. This book introduces us to more of the Beaumont clan and is a fun read, although it lacks some of the fast paced adventure of the first book. Meghan (J Fiction)

City Dog, Country Frog  by Mo Willems, illustrated by John J. Muth
It's spring time and City Dog is visiting the country for the first time ever.  He races around and eventually comes to a rock where Country Frog is sitting.  And so begins a beautiful friendship. The two are reunited each season to play games together but when City Dog arrives again in winter, Country Frog is nowhere to be found.  The lessons City Dog learned from Country Frog just might help him find a new friend! This is a memorable and touching new book from acclaimed author Mo Willems. Alia (J Picture Book)

39 Clues Book 9: Storm Warning by Linda Sue Park
Who is the man in black and why has he been following Dan and Amy? All of this and more is revealed in Storm Warning. The latest installment in the 39 Clues Series is the most exciting adventure Dan and Amy Cahill have had so far. While in the Caribbean the young Cahills find friends, allies, tragedy, and more secrets. The hunt is becoming intense and deadly but Amy and Dan have been given a new mission in the end of this book that seems impossible. We will have to wait and see if they can pull it off in Book 10: Into the Gaunlet. Amanda (J Fiction)

One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia
Three young sisters spend one crazy summer together when they visit their mother who lives in Oakland, California. Their mother left them when they were very little and the girls have almost no memories of her. She doesn’t want them to visit and they don’t really want to go, but their father has decided they need to know her. The book is set in the 1960’s during the race riots and the girls try to fit-in and keep out of their mother’s way, but also to fit-in in Oakland. Kristin (J Fiction)

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