June Book Buzz - David Lubar Edition

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Punished by David Lubar
This book is a fun way to get a young reader to understand what puns, oxymorons and anagrams are. After misbehaving in the library, Logan finds himself under a mysterious spell where he doesn’t have complete control over what he says. This spell turns out to be a PUNishment that he won’t soon forget. Kristin (J Fiction)

My Rotten Life by David Lubar
After one worse than usual day, Nathan Abercrombie decides he has had it! Popular girl Shawna embarrassed him in front of the whole cafeteria and then he was picked last during gym. Intending to take a dose of the experimental “Hurt-Be-Gone”, he is instead splashed with the serum from head to toe. What was only supposed to help soothe Nathan’s emotions suddenly is affecting his whole body. He has no appetite, can’t feel pain, and oh yeah- his thumb just fell off! Could Nathan Abercrombie really be turning into a zombie? He is tired of being himself, but he still wants to be ALIVE! My Rotten Life is a great start to the fun new series: Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie. Meghan (J Fiction)

Hidden Talents by David Lubar
13 year old Martin Anderson has a talent for annoying his teachers. In fact, he’s so good at getting under their skin, that he’s been kicked out of school after school. Martin is now being shipped off to Edgeview Alternative School, a dumping ground for kids labeled “teenage misfits”. Martin thinks Edgeview is his last stop- the end of the road. But after meeting classmates “Torchie” and “Cheater” and discovering that they each have a special hidden talent...it looks like Edgeview just might be a new beginning. Checkout Hidden Talents by David Lubar. And the fun continues at Edgeview in the second book True Talents. This book is on the 7th grade reading list! Michelle (YA Fiction)

The Battle of the Red Hot Pepper Weenies by David Lubar
If you like wacky short stories with surprise endings, David Lubar’s Weenies series is for you! The Battle of the Red Hot Pepper Weenies introduces thirty-five more warped and weird tales. In one story, a family
sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner is interrupted by a torrent of turkeys out for revenge. In another, a young girl is left dateless for the school dance – that is until her dad creates a date for her in his lab. Funny and short, these stories are great for reluctant readers (and any other kind of reader too!) Alia (J Fiction)

Sleeping Freshman Never Lie by David Lubar
Scott Hudson is getting ready to start his freshmen year at high school. He has three good friends to share the experience with, so he figures he’ll be okay. He is thrown a few curves, one being that he discovers his mother is pregnant! His older brother also moves back in with the family. Scott is no different than any other freshman and it is going to be a tough year. Follow Scott through his first year as he tries to find where he fits in at school and who his friends are. Kristin (YA Fiction)
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