May Book Buzz

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hooray, May's Book Buzz is in! If you're looking for a good read, try one of these staff recommended titles!

Shark vs. Train by Chris Barton and Tom Lichtenheld
Welcome to the craziest showdown ever! In one corner we have Shark, the toothy terror of the seas. In the other, Train, a powerful steam engine that just won’t quit! Shark may have the advantage in the water and Train may be the king of the tracks, but who will win when it comes to burping, bowling, ping-pong, and pie eating? Watching these two crazy characters compete is so much fun that by the end of this book you’ll be calling for a re-match. Alia (Picture Book)

Confetti Girl by Diana Lopez
Lina is a fairly typical middle school student: she lives across the street from her best friend Vanessa, she does okay in sports, she has a crush on a boy named Luis. However, she and her Dad are still trying to cope with her mother’s death. Her father deals with it by burying himself in books and ignoring Lina. Lina tries to get through to him, but he doesn’t notice until she starts getting in trouble and getting bad grades. Lina tries to find comfort in Vanessa, but Vanessa is distracted by her new boyfriend. This enjoyable book starts each chapter starts with a dichos (a Spanish saying or proverb). Kristin (J Fiction)

Into the Wild Nerd Yonder: My Life on the Dork Side by Julie Halpern
“How is it that someone becomes a dork? Are they born that way? What makes some people like punk music and Denny’s and other people like costumes and Dungeons and Dragons? And where do I fit into all of this?” This is what sophomore Jessie Sloan contemplates as her two best friends turn punk and chase after boys, while she is happiest listening to audio books and sewing skirts. This book takes a humorous look at high school social cliques and friendships. Highly recommended! Jaclyn (YA Fiction, 9th Grade and Up)

The Birthday Ball by Lois Lowry
Lowry’s latest book introduces us to Princess Patricia Priscilla who is bored with a capital B! To liven up her dull existence, the princess assumes the role of a peasant and slips out of the castle to attend the local school. Princess Patricia Priscilla thoroughly enjoys life outside the castle and is dismayed that she must choose a suitor at her Birthday Ball in just 5 days. Her choices are truly horrific, but she can at least make the ball more enjoyable by inviting all of the peasants in the village. This is a great new fairy tale guaranteed to tickle your funny bone! Meghan (J Fiction)
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