Grief (Loss of Pet)

Dealing with the Loss of a Pet

P COC            The Forever Dog by Bill Cochran

Mike and his dog Corky plan to be best friends forever, so when Corky becomes sick and dies, Mike is angry about the broken promise.

P DEM            Saying goodbye to Lulu by Corinne Demas
When her dog Lulu dies, a girl grieves but then continues with her life.
P DIS              A Dog like Jack by DyAnne Disalvo-Ryan

After a long life of chasing squirrels, licking ice cream cones, and loving his adoptive family, an old dog comes to the end of his days.

P NEW            The Best Cat in the World by Leslea Newman

A young boy deals with the loss of his beloved cat Charlie, eventually accepting the arrival of another, very different cat.

P OMM           Jellybeans by Sylvia Van Ommen

Two friends, a rabbit and a cat, speculate about what heaven will be like as they enjoy a visit to the park

P WAL            Sammy in the Sky by Barbara Walsh

A little girl tells about her special pet, Sammy, "the best hound dog in the whole world," and how, after he becomes sick and dies, she comes to know the truth of her mother's words, that Sammy's spirit is everywhere.

P WIL             Harry & Hopper by Margaret Wild

One day when Harry comes home from school, his faithful companion Hopper isn't there to greet him, in a touching story about the process of healing after losing a beloved pet.

P WIL             I’ll Always Love You by Hans Wilhelm

A child's sadness at the death of a beloved dog is tempered by the remembrance of saying to it every night, "I'll always love you."

E 155.937        When a Pet Dies by Fred Rogers        
Explores the feelings of frustration, sadness, and loneliness that a youngster may feel when a pet dies.

J 155.9             Lifetimes by Brian Mellonie
By explaining the lifecycles of various plants, insects, animals this will help.
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