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Thursday, December 3, 2015

You may have noticed that we haven't posted in a while. We are still churning out content but now much of what we've been posting on our blog, such as the early literacy calendar, book buzz, and book lists, can be found on right on the library website:  For pictures of our programs follow the library's Intagram account @chplnj or friend us on Facebook!

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This Week @ Story Time

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What we read:

Little Listeners:
and illustrated by Eileen Christelow

Monkey Truck written and illustrated by Michael Slack

Monkey and Me written and illustrated by Emily Gravett

Book Buzz March, 2015

Sunday, March 1, 2015

by Jacqueline Jules
In these three short stories about life in the Martinez family, seven year old Sofia Martinez is a problem solver.  Sophia manages to find a way to stand out from her sisters, make a pinata for her Abuela's birthday, and 
re-capture a pet mouse - but not without some major mishaps along the way! This fun early chapter book will appeal to fans of Fancy Nancy and Junie B. and as a bonus readers may learn some new Spanish vocabulary! Alia (J Fiction)

The Princess in Black by Shannon and Dean Hale
After reading the Princess in Black, the word “princess” will have to be redefined.  Princess Magnolia can serve hot chocolate and scones with the primmest of the prim but when trouble calls, and with a change of wardrobe, she can kick butt with the toughest, alongside her trusty steed Frimplepants, aka Blacky.  When the big blue monster emerged from Monster Land to snack upon some delicious goats Princess Magnolia quickly switches into the Princess in Black mode to rescue the goats and the hapless goat herder.  This story emphasizes that being tough and being feminine are not mutually exclusive.  It should appeal to those who love all things princess as well as those who love to be the superhero.  Its short chapters and colorful illustrations make it a great book for emerging readers who are beginning to transition to chapter books. 
Candace (J Fiction)

Counting by 7’s by Holly Goldberg Sloan
Willow Chance is a twelve year old genius. Unfortunately, no one realizes this at home or at school and she doesn’t fit in.  She is starting a new school and hoping things will be better. After she scored a perfect score on an aptitude test, she is accused of cheating and she is sent to an inept counselor.  Dell Duke, her counselor, is the only one who realizes she is a genius and is very curious about her.  Tragedy strikes and Willow must face many new challenges. With these changes bring for the first time in her life people that she can consider to be friends.  
Kristin (J Fiction)

This Week @ Story Time

Saturday, February 14, 2015

What we read:

Little Listeners:
The Perfect Hug written by Joanna Walsh and illustrated by Judi Abbot
Never Too Little to Love written by Jeanne Willis and illustrated by Jan Fearnley

Story Time:
In addition to The Perfect Hug we read...
Plant a Kiss written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds
There was Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose written by Lucille Colandro and
illustrated by Jared Lee

Book Buzz February, 2015

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Amy Namey in Ace Reporter by Megan McDonald
Those of you looking for a Mercy Watson read alike, try Judy Moody and Friend series.  A great new beginner chapter book series about Judy Moody.  In Amy Namey in Ace Reporter, Amy wants nothing more than to be a reporter just like her mother.  So with the help of her good friend Judy Moody, Amy sets out to find an above the fold type of story.   Will Judy and Amy be able to stay out of trouble long enough to have a newspaper article published?  You will have to check out this new book to find out.  Jacquie (J Fiction)

El Deafo by CeCe Bell
El Deafo is a semi-autobiographical graphic novel that follows a bunny, Cece, after a brief illness that resulted in loss of hearing.  Cece struggles with feeling isolated from her family and peers due to her deafness.  At times she indulges in fantasies where she is the superhero El Deafo and her hearing loss is actually her super power.  Cece explains how alone she feels and the illustrations further accentuate the feeling of being in a bubble, separate from other people.  Attempts at inclusion by well intentioned but misguided peers increases Cece’s sense of alienation.  Cece learns how to bridge her isolation to make friends and eventually actually speak with her first crush.  Ultimately, her deafness is her super power and saves the day! Candace (JNF Graphic 978.022)

Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin
I thoroughly enjoyed this story, told from the perspective of Rose. She is a fifth grader and considered to be highly functioning on the autism spectrum. Some of her favorite things are her dog, her ongoing list of homonyms, and her uncle. In the text, she includes homonyms as she is writing. She is very attached to her dog Rain (reign, rein) and is devastated when she is lost during a hurricane that hits her area very hard. Her uncle is very supportive and helps, especially when her father is less so.  Kristin (J Fiction)

This Week @ Story Time

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What we read:

Little Listeners:
Mouses's First Snow written by Lauren Thompson
and illustrated by Buket Erdogan

No Two Alike written and illustrated by Keith Baker

Flannel Kisses written by Linda Crotta Brennan
and illustrated by Mari Takabayashi


We read No Two Alike as well as...
Snowmen at Night written by Carolyn Buehner and illustrated by Mark Buhener

Straight to the Pole written and illustrated by Kevin O'Malley

This Week @ Story Time

What we read:

Little Listeners:

The Puzzled Penguin written by Keith Faulkner 
and illustrated by Jonathan Lambert

Playground Day written and illustrated by Jennifer J. Merz

Are You A Cow? written and illustrated by Sandra Boynton

In addition to The Puzzled Penguin we read...
Lost and Found written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers


Don't Be Afraid Little Pip written by Karma Wilson and illustrated by Jane Chapman

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